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Field Service and In-House Maintenance Capabilities

Precise Aviation’s In-House Maintenance and Field Service and Compliance Inspectors provide a valuable service to owner/operators.

  • AOG Services

  • Video Boroscope Inspection with Digital Measurement

  • Engine Installations and Removals

  • QEC Installations and Removals

  • Engine Model Conversions/Thrust Ratings

  • Engine Troubleshooting and Rectification

  • Engine Inventory Inspections

  • Engine Teardowns

  • Engine Module Removals and Installations

  • Select AD and SB compliance operations

  • HPC Boroblend Repairs

  • Top and Bottom Case Repairs

  • LRU Removals and Replacements

  • Engine Stand Swaps

  • MPA Certification

  • Engine Preservation

Precise Aviation is certified for Services on the following Aircraft Engine Types:

  • CFM56-3

  • CFM56-5

  • CFM56-7

  • GE CF6-50

  • GE CF6-80

  • PW4000

  • V2500

  • RB211

  • GTCP APU Series

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